NDHPA Appreciation Award

     The Appreciation Award is made for noteworthy contributions in assisting the NDHPA in the conduct of horseshoe tournaments and leagues.  The Award Winners are all National Horseshoe Pitchers Association Members and have assisted with a myriad of duties and responsibilities of running tournaments and leagues.  Past winners are recognized below.

Appreciation - Participation Awards

NDHPA Participation Award

     The Participation Award is annual award with the first recipient in 1995.  It is intended to recognize the individual who participates in NDHPA recognized horseshoe tournaments.  The NDHPA has continuously recognized individuals who promote the sport of horseshoes in the state and this award is meant to continue our support of the individuals who participate and support the tournaments we offer.  The Award Year runs from August 1st of the prior year to July 31st of the current year (year of the award).

Appreciation - Participation Awards