Hall of Fame


     The North Dakota Horseshoe Pitcher's Hall of Fame was formed in 1976 and serves as a forum to recognize leading individuals who either were active or remain active in the sport of horseshoes and have demonstrated significant contributions to the sport including:

Nomination of Members

     Any current member may nominate any current or past NDHPA member and that member’s current or past NDHPA spouse for induction into the Hall of Fame. Nomination shall be made at the State Convention by presenting a typewritten resume.

     The resume should contain the following information that applies to the nominee:

1.  Indicate how he/she has promoted the game of horseshoes; locally, statewide, or nationally.

2.  Cite official position(s) and/or office(s) held in league, for tournaments, or for statewide horseshoe organizations.

3.  Cite examples of how he/she has helped others and promoted the sport of horseshoe pitching.

4.  Consider the sportsmanship displayed as a pitcher.

5.  Indicate participation in tournaments and general support of North Dakota horseshoe pitching.

6. Provide the number of years the nominee has been actively participating in horseshoes during his/her lifetime and as a North Dakota pitcher.

7.  Consider work done by nominee at tournaments and league play.

8.  Cite instances of volunteered expertise (such as drafting, construction, electrical, accounting, etc. skills) for building courts, forming organizations, and working with other community organizations, etc.

9.  Provide any other pertinent information, such as pitching skill, tournament participation and success, honors or awards received, etc.

Hall of Fame Committee

Paul Anderson, Miki Tanner-Bendickson, Gary Erickson, Ron Hopfauf, and Joe Martin

     The Hall of Fame Committee shall review the resumes, and as a group select up to two inductees in any year.

Nominations of NDHPA members that include the NDHPA members spouse count as only one inductee for

purposes of the selection of nominees. The NDHPA will provide individual plaques to new inductees.  The

Committee will vote as a majority rule with the President casting a vote only in the case of a tie.  Any member of

the Hall of Fame Committee can excuse themselves from discussion or vote if there is a conflict of interest.

Hall of Fame Display

The NDHPA Hall of Fame display is located at the

North Dakota Sports Hall of Fame

 at 212 3rd Ave NE in Jamestown, ND.


The display includes individual picture plaques

 of a majority of North Dakota Hall of Fame inductees.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Hall of Fame Inductees

Hall of Fame Inductee Plaque

NDHPA Hall of Fame Inductee Names Plaque (Updated Through 2021).pdf