Any person in the State of North Dakota shall be eligible for membership in the NDHPA upon payment of dues affixed by the

Association. Membership can be obtained from the Secretary of each local club or directly from the NDHPA Membership Director.

All members must be members of the NHPA. All individuals pitching in the NDHPA State Tournament must be members of the NHPA.

Annual Membership Dues (which includes dues to the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association) are as follows:

Adult Membership (Ages 18+) $40

Adult NDHPA Hall of Fame Members $25 ($15 State Fees are waived)

Youth Membership (Ages up to 18) $ 5 (NHPA Membership of $5 Paid by the NDHPA)

Alternatively, North Dakota residents who wish to become NDHPA NHPA Members may purchase their memberships directly electronically from the National Horseshoes Pitchers Association by utilizing the following web link (a small credit card fee will apply if paid for directly on this site):